Do you know what is most important living being on earth is ?

It is responsible for 70 % of food we eat !!!

Its Bee !!!

Its sting might hurt you ,but if they disappear ,it would hurt whole human being a lot more .

Bees are declared the most important living beings on earth ,the Earthwatch institute concluded by Royal Geographical society of London.

Bees have joined the list of endangered species.

Image Source

So why bees are so important –

  • 70% of the world agriculture depends on bees means 70 % food we eating is because of bees.
  • Bees helps in production of food because of Pollination.
  • Most importantly bees are the only living being that dont carry pathogens ,means it dont spread viruses ,fungi or bacteria .
  • Bees produce Honey which dont have any expiration date.
  • Bees are important for Grasses that feed cattle’s without them there will be no milk ,cheese and beef.

Factors responsible for extinction of bees-

1.Pesticides –

Farmers are using pesticides to improve yield of crop but this pesticides carry dangerous chemicals which affects bees life and also it can contaminate there whole colony.


3.Industrial pollution.

4.Mobile Towers

It is found that one of the major reason for extinction of bees is Mobile towers.waves emitted by mobile towers affects bees sense of direction and results in their death.

5.Climate changeincreasing temperatureschanges in rainfall patterns and erratic or extreme weather events.

Scientist are constantly making research and awareness but still its not helping to improve Bees population.

Following figure shows number of Bees colonies declining in USA .

I dont found any official data of India

Source –Quartz

There are correcting actions are being taken especially in developed countries but countries like India whose major population depends on Agriculture, and there is less awareness about Bees, its very serious issue and need to be taken care of immediately .

(Personally we have farms at my native place -Satara ,where i heard my grandfather taking about there are no bees so there was delay in pollination,so i thought i should work on it and also make people aware).

What are corrective actions we can take as individual and or as a farmer?

1.As a Farmer we should know what pesticides we using and its impact on Bees.

2.Promote natural agricultural practices.

3.Plant a garden with native wild flowers or if you live in flat you can keep some plants in your gallery ,you can ask your plant seller which flower plants attracts more bees .

4.Put water in gallery ,bees get thirsty.

5.Leave the weeds-Many plants like clove and dandelions are good source of food for bees

6.Support local Beekeepers. Search for nearby Beekeepers ,learn from them ,Help and encourage them.plan a trip with kids to Beekeepers ,explain them importance of Bees for future .

7.Start your Beehive

Start on your own ,Learn about bees ecosystem and their biology .Work with group of friends as project and make a difference in society.

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For future of healthy living being there is need of healthy food and for healthy food there is need of Healthy bees.

If the bees disappear ; humans would have 4 years to live -Albert Einstein


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