What-are-tips-for-weight-loss ?


Practice mindfulness, even while you eat. Adding meditation to your daily life can reduce the amount of cortisol (It is stress hormone associated with weight gain) in your body.

Another way to increase mindfulness is to eat slowly and quietly. Listen to your body’s signals about how much to eat and when to stop.


Eat your largest meal during the day, not at night, because a large caloric intake late in the day can lead to obesity.


Sip warm lemon water to start your day. lemon water aids digestion.


Exercise. Weight loss cant be successful if you are not burning enough calories, Running, walking, swimming, cycling can be added along with weight training, In weight training, compound movements should be focused like deadlift, squats, bent over barbell, Bench press, Surya namaskar, push-ups, and pull-ups.


Sleep well. Research shows that poor sleep is linked to weight gain.

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